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Table Tennis, earlier known as Ping Pong, is one of most popular indoor sport across the world. It is played by two or four players at a time using a light weight, hollow ball and rackets on a hard table divided by a net. Table Tennis is one of the fastest sport and demands high reflex actions. A skilled player can display a large variety of spin to the ball, altering its trajectory and limiting an opponent's options to great advantage. Table Tennis has evolved to becoming an Olympic sport.

The sport has got several unique features. First, it cuts across age and gender barriers and thus promotes bonding between individuals. It is a regular sport cum recreational activity that immensely improves one's mental and physical condition and ensures fitness at any age. This results into higher concentration and better productivity at workplace and in routine life.

The team at P3 Sports critically looks at these aspects of Table Tennis and has undertaken the challenge of developing fitness and wellness among people of different age - right from tiny tots to working executives to senior citizens - through a well- structured programme for imparting coaching on the correct way of playing the sport and enhancing their skill as well as excitement.

Physical activity is a proven mood-enhancer; it reduces the stress levels and develops self-esteem. A healthier workforce guarantees higher productivity and lower absenteeism. Many business houses, consulting firms, organizations and institutes have invested in on-site facilities and equipment. However, these are often left unused or even misused by employees for their lack of proper knowledge and guidance on utilization.

This is where the P3 Sports team steps in. Its objective is to guide and encourage employees and kids to play Table Tennis in the right way and spirit and reach out and help raise the skills of enthusiastic players who play for recreation in the corporate world.



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  • P3 Sports Inter Corporate Table Tennis Tournament - 19 th & 20 th August
  • 1st Doctors Ping Pong Challenge - 12th-13th Nov 2017

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