Objective of P3 Circle

This is an innovative idea by P3 Sports Management Company to promote Table Tennis at grassroots levels in and around Powai area, in Mumbai . Through these P3 challenges players can upgrade their rankings and play matches with various players. This way they can analyse their game as also compare with other players and improve their game as well. To keep alive the excitement of the ping pong game and to overcome the fear of the tournament amongst amateur players, P3 Sports Management Company has came up with the P3 Circle Challenge Matches exclusively for the Powai Residents, Powai School Kids and the Employees of the Powai based Corporate offices.

P3 Sports, formed in DECEMBER- 2012 in Mumbai, is the first and only coaching body that provides exclusive and comprehensive Table Tennis training and learning. The services we offer are unique. We sincerely believe that regular sports and recreational activities can lead to better productivity at workplace and in overall life.

The sole enabler for the formation of P3 Sports is passion for table tennis that has brought together a bunch of playing and corporate professionals to promote this sport in different segments of society. The endeavor is to reach out to every level and address the lack of sporting culture in the country. We have undertaken the challenge of developing fitness and wellness programs by means of providing Table Tennis training to any individual - right from a beginner to those who aspire to improve and attain satisfactory standards.

Table Tennis is one of the fastest games when it comes to reflexes and overall body co-ordination. This is what we will help you achieve with our coaching programs. We operate across all levels, right from grassroots to the professional arena. Coaching is most required at the basic level to learn the basics correctly and then move on to attain more advanced skills. We conducts various tournaments to promote Table Tennis to grassroot levels . P3 sports created an innovation P3Circle first LOCAL area online table tennis circle in INDIA .

Our ethos is simple: We are not the important ones - YOU ARE. Whether you are an athlete or a corporate client, our focus is on your aims. We set out to maximize your opportunities and strive to deliver the best possible returns. Honesty, trust and integrity are at the heart of our philosophy. We always begin by listening to your priorities. We will then give our best advice and work hand in hand with you to make sure your goals are realized.