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Aerobic Table Tennis

FIRST TIME IN INDIA, P3 Sports partners aerobics table tennis ,UK

  • A joint project between P3 Sports and Aerobic Table Tennis will launch the project in July.
  • Aerobic Table Tennis is a high energy fitness workout experience that combines the sport of table tennis with the benefit of burning calories.
  • The sessions are exciting and fun, not only do you burn calories and keep fit, you will be introduced to the great sport of Table Tennis.
  • No table tennis experience is necessary, the sessions are for all abilities including complete beginners. The sessions are very social and you will meet new friends.
  • Steve Rowe ( founder of Aerobic Table Tennis ) said " i am very excited to be working with P3 Sports, and introducing Aerobic Table Tennis in India "
  • Table tennis is an aerobic sport, all exercises during the sessions will be table tennis specific.
  • Exercises will be both on and off the table tennis tables.
  • So come along and join us at an Aerobic Table Tennis Class, you never know you might just love the game of table tennis.
  • One thing is certain, you will have fun, keep fit, and burn calories.
  • Music is played throughout the session to help get you into an high energy zone.


  • Improve Health And Well-being
  • Keep Fit
  • Burn Calories
  • Socialise and meet new friends
  • Learn Table Tennis


Visit website www.aerobictabletennis.com