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Tournament date : 9th & 10th April

 Venue – Emrald club. Chembur 

 Mix Corporate Mix Team

Corporate Men’s Singles

Corporate Men’s Masters 35+

Mix Corporate Men’s Doubles

Winners awarded with cash Prizes , Trophies and Medals

Rules and Regulations:

1.On question of fact, The decision of the Umpire will be final.

2.On question of interpretation of laws and regulation, the decision of chief refree will be final.

3.Player is entitled to interview upto 1 minute between successive games of individual match.

4.Any player or a pair may claim upto 1 minute of time-out during an individual match.

5.Player is entitled for brief intervals for towelling after every 6 points from the start of the game and at the chznge of ends in the last possible game of an individual.

6.Only Corporate/business owners players are allowed to participate in the torunamnet.

7.Schedule is always subjected to change , depending upon the entries in team/individual events.


Guidelines for participants.

1.Arogya setu must be installed on all the participant’s mobile phone.

2.Participants who have completed both the vaccinations will be allowed to play.

3.Hand santization and thermal scanning is must upon entering the venue.

4.No touching and shaking of hands amongst the participants.

5.Social distancing rules must be acutely observed.

6.participants are requested to use mask during non playing time.

7.all participants to bring their own water bottle and lunch

8.refreshments will be provided.

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