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P3 Circle

Rules & Rewards
  • All table tennis lovers can enroll in p3 circle. Group categories are : under-12 , under-18, above-18 and above-40.
  • Present seeding is based on last two year's results of Powai Open Table Tennis Tournament.
  • Members can challenge each other to upgrade their ranking . They are eligible to challenge only 2 seeds ahead of them. For eg. No 5 seed player can challenge only no 4 or 3 . He/she can not challenge the no-1 seed . Similarly No 20 seed player can only challenge 18 or 19 th seed .
  • They can challenge openly by clicking the name of the player with the specified dates.
  • P3 sports company will suggest the time and venue of the challenge and inform the concerned players within 24 hours by email or through website. The P3 Sports Management Co. reserves the right to change the dates, venue or time at any point according to the availability of the same. We will discuss challenge related topics in the discussion forum.
  • Matches will be played in best of five format. p3 Sports Mgmt Co. Representatives may not attend all the matches. It will be the Players responsibility to communicate the Results to P3 Sports Management Company via email or phone. For Under-12 category challenges P3 Sports Management Co.representative will be present always.
  • Seeding will be changed based on the challenge result by P3 Sports Management Co.
  • New members can join by registering on the website or they can email the request to the company.
  • Membership fees for this circle is Rs 500 /-.
  • The registration validity to the P3 Circle would be March to February every year.
  • Top seeding members of the P3 Circle will get an opportunity to participate in the Summer Camp in
    the ICC Centre, California under guidance of world class coaches on discounted rate.
  • Top 3 members wil be awarded with P3 Sports Management Co. sponsored Track Suit and T shirt.