• I consider P3 sports a top notch TT website. It stays current on all issues concerning TT events and programs, continuously educating everyone. P3 sports is always on top of the players needs and responds very quickly. I'm sure this will turn from just a billboard to an interactive sports headquarters.

  • Charan Teja
    (Actor / Cricketer / played CCL - Telugu Warrior)

  • "Table Tennis is a great sport and an amazing way to de-stress. I have a TT table in office and try and play with my actor friends whenever we are not shooting. I welcome P3 Sports initiative and congratulate them on this great endeavour."

  • Rahul Mitra
    (Bollywood producer- Saheb Biwi Gangstar , Bullet Raja , and former State TT player)

  • P3 Sports is certainly what the game of table tennis needs. Grass roots is where table tennis is in much need of development. Aerobic Table Tennis is also aimed at grass roots level. I think working together we can create something exciting in table tennis. Moving forward i intend to help P3 Sports in the best possible way, and together we will introduce many young children to the great game of table tennis.Both P3 Sports and Aerobic Table Tennis are innovative ideas, a perfect combination. I am excited for the future of table tennis in Mumbai and throughout India.
  • Steve Rowe
    ( English Table Tennis Association Qualified Table Tennis Coach and Founder Aerobic Table Tennis )